The turbine, Alìn

Malga Flavona

“During the year I go to school in Romania. Just high school, by the way, I’m only 16 and I don’t know everything yet. Then, in summer, I come here with my mum and dad to tend to the cows, but I enjoy it. You need to be practical here, and if you’re not, you’re made to be. For example, my passion is mechanics and I’ve used it to revolutionise our life here. Dad and I got the water from a waterfall that is 60 metres further up the mountain, I channelled it to the back of one of the cowsheds where we installed a turbine. That beast of a machine produces 8 kW! Now we have a fridge, oven, hot water and there’s plenty of cold water too. We’re better off than at home and we don’t pay bills. We could even sell a bit of energy because we don’t use it all. It’s amazing. And I’m the one who makes it all work.”
– John Doe


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