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The avalanche, Gran Poz

"Am I to blame, if men choose to wage their wars on the mountain? I do not hold any grudge against them. I follow the flow of earth and sky, the physical laws of nature..."

The forgotten secret, Molveno Lake

"Around 3000 years ago, in the middle of the iron age, a huge piece of rock crumbled from the Brenta mountainside, set loose by retreating glaciers. This created a flood, where I started life and kept a little secret..."

The turbine, Alìn

"During the year I go to school in Romania. Just high school, by the way, I’m only 16 and I don’t know everything yet. Then, in summer, I come here with my mum and dad..."

The red colour, Tovel Lake

"Until 1964, summer coloured me red. A beautiful bright red, as if someone had wounded my heart. They came from all continents to see me, I was a natural phenomenon of worldwide scope..."

Slaves, Lorenzo

"When they say that to live in the mountains is to live freely, they are gravely mistaken. You get up at half past four in the morning and milk the goats, then the cows..."

My name, Lago Santo

"A man had a plot of land. When he died, his children began to fight over it, arguing to the point of nearly killing one another. One of the brothers, desperate, to resolve the question..."

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